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Acupuncture For Weight Loss

I have helped many people successfully lose weight with acupuncture. Weight loss can be difficult and frustrating. Diet pills give you the jitters and your body just seems to be fighting you the whole way. But weight loss will not be complete with acupuncture alone. So acupuncture, proper nutrition and exercise are combined for a highly successful treatment program. Just imagine finally reversing years of weight gain, looking slimmer and feeling more energetic.

Acupuncture can really provide a powerful impact for weight control by curbing your appetite, stopping those food cravings, boosting metabolism, even improving digestion, regulating obesity hormones and finally enhancing the way nutrients are used.

If you have reached a dead end in weight loss, give acupuncture a try. I provide a free consultation and will develop an individualized treatment plan that will fit within your weekly routine. My clinic is located in the Milwaukee Metropolitan area.

Saida Reifenrath, Licensed Acupuncturist

240 Regency Ct

Brookfield, WI 53045

Phone 414-803-8172

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